About ImproveNet

ImproveNet is here to easily connect homeowners to contractors in the area, for free. How do we do that? We work with contractors through our CraftJack website to match you with the perfect pro for your project.

Additionally, ImproveNet is your resource for how-tos, budget information and trendy home topics. With our staff writers hard at work on articles just for the modern homeowner, we're certain you can find inspiration for your next home project here.

We've Been Around Since 1996

Here's a brief history of the company that brings you closer to local pros.


Oct 2018 ImproveNet premieres new video series "Your First Home"

Sep 2018 ImproveNet mentioned in The Washington Post for our Nuisance Neighbors study

Mar 2018 ImproveNet mentioned in Money Magazine alongside LeBron James

May 2017 ImproveNet launches its YouTube channel featuring a new series "Know A Pro"

Apr 2016 ImproveNet wins Best Blogger Microblog by JDR Industry Blogger Awards

Feb 2014 ImproveNet introduces home improvement cost guides

Jan 2014 ImproveNet redesign launches with more content for homeowners

Feb 2013 ImproveNet expands its technology team

Jan 2013 ImproveNet appears on social media

Aug 2005 ImproveNet was acquired by IAC’s HomeAdvisor Inc.

May 2000 NPR’s Chris Arnold visits ImproveNet.com

Jan 1996 ImproveNet founded, then named Netelligence

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